Trip Report

False Polish Traverse, Aconcagua

|| Saturday, December 14, 2019 || Another adventure is just starting! It’s been a long time coming, but we are finally headed down to Argentina. Planning, preparation, sponsorships, all have led to this. We loaded up our packs and our stomachs at my house and went straight to the airport. Easy and quick through TSA. . . dropped off the bags, got our boarding passes, and walked through security. Once at the airport, travel itself was a breeze. We loaded…

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Trip Report — Kilimanjaro, Lemosho Route (May 2018)

“Pole Pole.” Slowly, slowly. Life moves with no rush, the sun rising and setting with a relaxing flow. The world’s largest free-standing mountain looming above. This adventure was different from all others. A foreign continent, red from its iron rich soil; a foreign language spoken, erecting a roadblock on communication; and a unique mountain, standing alone above savannah and lush jungle. || Day 0 – May 11, 2018||  Miami –> Istanbul –> Zanzibar –> Kilimanjaro Africa is different; that really…

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Trail Diaries: Our Snowy Adventure

|| The True “Beginning” || It all started with ice cream. In the fall of 2016, a friend and I were chatting about our hiking dreams. I mentioned to him that I had hopes of hiking the PCT after college. He mentioned that I should look into the John Muir Trail, a smaller section of the PCT which was known as the “crowned jewel” of the long trek from Mexico to Canada. I was hooked. . . Whenever I had…

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