Aconcagua Expedition 2019

Meet Our Team of Adventure Engineers

In December 2019, the Engineered For Adventure: Aconcagua Expedition will set out to climb the Western Hemisphere’s tallest peak: Aconcagua (22,841′). Headed by expedition leader Sam Chaneles, the team is comprised of engineering students, looking to marry their passion for analytical problem solving with outdoor adventure. Over the course of 2019, the team will prepare for the mountain through rigorous training, both in the gym and in the mountains.

The expedition team will be self-organized, meaning we will not be climbing through a guided service. Our plan is to ascend via the False Polish Traverse Route, starting in the Vacas Valley and traversing around the backside of the mountain to Camp Berlin, whereby we will make our summit attempt. We will then descend from the mountain through the Horcones Valley.

The aim of the expedition is to highlight the similarities between engineering sciences and mountaineering; in the same way that engineers analyze problems, mountaineers analyze risks, formulate contingency plans, and establish meticulous calculations in preparations for their outdoor pursuits.

We will be creating a feature length documentary film to tell the story of the college student in the outdoors, focusing on the outdoors as an arena to practice life skills, relieve stress, and learn valuable life lessons.

Follow us throughout our training and on the expedition on our Instagram page, @engineeredforadventure!