Our Rogers Pass trip continued…

Trip Report

Woke up early and ate Tim Horton’s again. Falling into a good rhythm. Love trips like this.

Plan for the day was to head up Loop Brook, climb up to the backside of Dome Col, then drop into the Asulkan drainage. Lots of BS getting in Loop Creek, lots of alders and thrashing around.

Climbing up the moraine below the Bonney Glacier was stunning. Such a cool feature.

Super windy up high as we topped out below Dome Col. Amazing scenery looking over at the Dawson Range.

Climbing up to Dome Col was a cool vantage over the Illecilewat drainage. Got to see into the Asulkan Glacier. I poked around but couldn’t quite find an easy way through. Lane wasn’t super stoked on faffing around. I down climbed a bit and found a ramp system that I thought would go. Lane preferred to flip and go over to the Bonney Moraine. Good call.

Looking up at the climb to Dome Col.

Lane skied down the steep, somewhat rocky pitch from Dome Col back the way we had come. I opted to downclimb and felt kinda lame doing so. But I’m glad I didn’t get hurt. Would have felt really dumb if I had pushed to ski it just because of peer pressure.

Skiing down was kinda punchy weird windboard. I felt so uncomfortable on my Rail 108s. I really need to stop skiing them. I just don’t understand how to ski them anymore. I was very frustrated and disappointed in my skiing. I watched Lane make it look so easy and felt like a shit skier. I took a fall in the alders coming down to the Bonney Moraine and got really down in the dumps.

The climb back up to the Bonney Moraine was a sadboi hour for me. I was just kinda sad, self-pitying. I felt like a gumby…everything felt difficult. And being around someone that made things look so easy fueled the comparison game which wasn’t good for my head.

Once we got above treeline my smile returned and I felt better. Lane was pretty tired and said the top would be the end of his day. I was fine with that and took in the incredible glacial cirque.

Skiing down was similarly weird wind crust and again I felt self-pitying that I couldnt ski my setup well.

The exit went surprisingly smoothly. We were able to ski all the way to the car.