Gear Review

Gear Review — Altra Lone Peak (3.5 and 4.0)

For around 3 years I have been using the Altra Lone Peak as my “go-to” backpacking shoe; I’ve used it on 4 different continents at this point: North America Alaska, Southeastern United States, Colorado, California, Washington Europe Corsica, France — GR20 trail New Zealand Dusky Track, Fiordland National Park (South Island) South America Ecuador So. . . what are my takeaways? || Background ||  I first started hiking with a bulky pair of Asolo PowerMatic boots. They were rugged and…

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Gear Explained: Sleeping Pads

I’ve seen people underestimate the importance of a sleeping pad. They never repeated that mistake. . . || So. . . what is a sleeping PAD? || The rarely mentioned sidekick of a sleeping bag, a sleeping pad is a crucial part of every backpacker’s gear list. Without it you will certainly have a cold bottom all night long. While a sleeping bag creates an insulating layer of air between you and the outside environment, a sleeping pad insulates your…

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Gear Review: Dragon Alliance MountaineerX Sunglasses

For my John Muir Trail expedition in the summer of 2017, a primary concern in my gear preparations was eye protection. The vicious glare of the sun reflected off the snow can cause severe snow blindness, if you are not careful. The trouble I faced, however, is that there are SO MANY options out on the market. How to choose? || My Researching Process: Understanding My Needs || Before I begin researching the market for a piece of gear, I…

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