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EXCITING NEWS! Our team is proud to announce the Engineered For Adventure Aconcagua 2019 Expedition. During December 2019, myself, Tom Orchard, and Andrew Speirs will be embarking on an attempt to summit Aconcagua, the tallest peak in the Southern and Western Hemispheres. At 22,841′, Aconcagua is a beast of a mountain. We will be approaching via the Vacas Valley route, also known as the “False Polish Traverse”. Over the course of 2-3 weeks, we will make our way up to high camps, acclimatizing along the way, as we journey into the clouds.

|| Purpose of the Expedition ||

Never before has there been a self-organized group of enrolled Georgia Tech students attempting a summit climb of Aconcagua. 

We are excited to collect content during the expedition for a short film focusing on the outdoor and adventure culture of STEM students. The film will focus on the detailed preparation for the expedition (planning spreadsheets, gear analysis, nutritional breakdowns, etc.) and how these preparations directly parallel the engineering course-work of the expedition team and STEM students worldwide.

As a self-guided expedition team, we recognize there are many significant challenges that we will face with on this journey; however, with our strong backgrounds in backcountry travel and our methodical preparation for this expedition, we are confident that we are putting ourselves in the best possible position for a successful summit of Aconcagua.

|| How to Follow Along ||

Throughout the expedition process, we will maintain a highly active social media presence documenting the team’s preparations, training, and progress.

Follow us on Instagram at @engineeredforadventure!

|| Support the Team ||

If you’d like to help financially support the expedition team, you can access our GoFundMe HERE!

For more information about how to become a sponsor, click HERE!