Pili Hunters

|| About the Company ||

Pili Hunters started out of the back of Jason Thomas’ van. For years, Jason had been a high-altitude mountain guide, leading expeditions to mountains such as Denali and Aconcagua. Jason had always been looking for alternatives to sugary snacks, a healthy option that could fuel him on his adventures.

It was in the Philippines on a kite surfing trip that Jason found the Pili Nut. Highly nutrient dense and PACKED with calories (over 200 calories per ounce), Jason fell in love with the Pili Nut. As his website puts it:

With 15 pounds of deep-fried pili nuts and a dream, Jason returned to the U.S. He spent the next few months driving from beach to beach in his swiftly aging pickup truck, surfing and passing out pili nut samples at west coast natural foods stores. ” — Pili Hunters

I met Jason before my expedition to Aconcagua, and we shared the same sentiments about food. Healthy, calorically and nutritionally dense snacks are hard to come by, and Jason convinced me about the Pili Nut. It is DELICIOUS! Buttery and packed with fat that keeps me energized for a long time, I love the Pili Nut as a mid-day power snack.

Some of my favorite ways to have Pili Nuts:

  • Expedition Pili Nut Butter, lathered on wraps, tortillas, or a slice of bread
  • Cocoa Pili Nuts. . . enough said