Hunters Reserve

|| About the Company ||

Hunters Reserve is a family owned and operated producer of high-quality game meat snacks.

“Our mission is to provide the best tasting, highest quality, responsibly sourced wild game meats and meat snacks that are good for you. We never use fillers and always source humanely raised animals.” — Hunters Reserve

I came across Hunters Reserve when preparing to hike the John Muir Trail back in 2017. I grew up in a family of foodies, and for my family ingredients matter. We avoid foods with artificial ingredients, fillers, and other harmful additives; simply put, we eat REAL food.

My dad and I wanted to find a summer sausage that was not filled with sodium nitrite, nitrate, or other preservatives, and we wanted something TASTY. We wanted:

  • Variety
  • Single-size servings
  • High-quality products that were natural, not full of artificial ingredients

I must credit my mom for finding Hunters Reserve; it was EXACTLY what we were looking for. Not only do Hunters Reserve products not have any fillers or preservatives, but they have an INCREDIBLE amount of variety. Just listen to these flavors!

More than that, the Hunters Reserve sausages came in 4 oz. sizes, which worked perfectly for a single-serving. Most summer sausages are sold in large, 16 oz. rolls, and get nasty and gross days after opening. Not with the 4 oz. size, or even 6 oz. if you are really hungry!

We were HOOKED, and started finding the other amazing products that Hunters Reserve has to offer. My favorites are the jerky strips and Trail Bites:

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