Trip Report

Trip Report — Kilimanjaro, Lemosho Route (May 2018)

“Pole Pole.” Slowly, slowly. Life moves with no rush, the sun rising and setting with a relaxing flow. The world’s largest free-standing mountain looming above. This adventure was different from all others. A foreign continent, red from its iron rich soil; a foreign language spoken, erecting a roadblock on communication; and a unique mountain, standing alone above savannah and lush jungle. || Day 0 – May 11, 2018||  Miami –> Istanbul –> Zanzibar –> Kilimanjaro Africa is different; that really…

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Trail Diaries: Our Snowy Adventure

|| The True “Beginning” || It all started with ice cream. In the fall of 2016, a friend and I were chatting about our hiking dreams. I mentioned to him that I had hopes of hiking the PCT after college. He mentioned that I should look into the John Muir Trail, a smaller section of the PCT which was known as the “crowned jewel” of the long trek from Mexico to Canada. I was hooked. . . Whenever I had…

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