Trail Kitchen

Trail Kitchen: No-Mess Meals

Scrape, scrape, scrape. . . That’s normally how the end of any freeze-dried dinner went for me, my spork scratching the inside of my aluminum mug, desperately trying to remove the caked bits of my meal so that my hot chocolate or tea would not taste of chicken, beef, or vegetables. All in vain, too. Until a little trial, error, and to be honest, laziness, helped me realize a simple fix: freezer Ziploc bags.   || How I Used to…

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Trail Kitchen: A DIY Version of Freeze-Dried Meals

Packing food for backpacking trips can be intimidating at times. How do I keep my food from going bad? How much food will I need to bring? How do I make my food INTERESTING, not just plain granola and energy bars?  If you’ve done any amount of research on conventional “backpacking” food, you’ve probably heard of or come across freeze-dried meals. Think MountainHouse, Backpacker’s Pantry, AlpineAire, etc. Not quite “astronaut” food, but a simple and easy, just add hot water option.…

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Trail Reviewed – Northwoods Cheese

It can be hard to find a balance between foods that are interesting and tasteful, and foods that hold up well on the trail. Especially cheese. True, many sharp cheeses can hold up for days at a time, but eventually they all get moldy, slimy, and gross. In preparing to hike the John Muir Trail, my Dad and I did extensive research and testing of what we wanted to eat for lunch. PB & J seemed an obvious option, but…

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