National Parks Crash Course: Part 1–Permits, Reservations, and Deadlines

|| National Parks Crash Course Series || The U.S. National Parks system is an amazing natural resource and protects some of America’s most prized natural treasures. With over 61 national parks, and many more national monuments and protected areas, the NPS system is vast. As a visitor, there are many rules, regulations, and procedures that are useful to know when planning a visit. The purpose of this Crash Course series is to provide some small insights learned from personal experience…

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Travel Insurance 101: What is It? Do You Need It?

Inherent Danger. . . Risk. . . Injuries and Accidents. . . the outdoors can be an intimidating environment, filled with uncertainty, doubt, and more than anything else, the possibility for a situation to go south, fast. The best form of “insurance” is experience in the mountains, the “know-how” and ability to make smart and prudent decisions. There is no substitute for knowing how to identify dangerous storms, snow conditions, and other environmental hazards. That said, whenever I travel, explore,…

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Trail Logistics: Transportation to your Backcountry Destination

So you’ve mapped out your route on Caltopo, crunched numbers on the aspect ratio and elevation per mile for your route, and you’re ready to go. But wait. . . how do you even GET THERE? It’s in the middle of nowhere! Yesterday a friend of mine was talking me through her plans to hike the Colorado Trail this summer and mentioned that she was having trouble figuring out ways of getting BACK to civilization after finishing her hike. I…

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