Andrew Speirs

Andrew Speirs is a 5th year Aerospace Engineering student at Georgia Tech, graduating in May of 2019.  After this, he will be continuing his education at Georgia Tech to obtain a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering.  Aerospace and aviation have been a strong passion of Andrew’s since he began his training as a glider pilot.  During the summer of 2019, Andrew seeks to complete his private pilot’s license while simultaneously interning at an aviation company in his hometown.

Having grown up in Santa Cruz, California, Andrew has spent a large portion of his life outdoors.  In high school, he participated in various competitive sports including tennis, golf, and cross country.  To this day, he takes every possible opportunity to ski, hike, run, and adventure in any possible capacity.

At Georgia Tech, Andrew has become heavily involved with Outdoor Recreation Georgia Tech (ORGT).  As an organization that operates largely as a network of student volunteers with a strong passion for the outdoors, he quickly found a home in ORGT and began his progression a staff member.  Andrew is now an Instructor in the Backpacking division of ORGT, having staffed a large number of Instructional Program (IP) trips in which participants of various skill levels are exposed to the backcountry.  In January of 2019, Andrew completed his Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification alongside many of his ORGT peers to further his experience and knowledge of the outdoors.

Andrew recognizes that the Aconcagua expedition is going to be a life-changing and humbling experience, and can’t wait to get started.