The purpose of this website is multi-faceted:

The Expeditions tab has a drop-down menu displaying major expeditions I have been on. In these pages you can find helpful information for planning these trips, as well as lessons I learned while on them. Itinerary, Logistics, Food Resupply, Gear Lists, etc.

The Learning the Basics tab has information targeted for people who are looking to begin their outdoor adventure experience. The information posted here is meant to be informative, yet please understand that I am not an “EXPERT.”

The Blog tab contains blog posts (duh!). Here I will post funny stories from my trips, gear reviews, mini-training clinics, etc.

The Gear Review tab contains my thoughts on some gear that I have tested out in the field. I explain how I used the gear, what I look for in gear, as well as my experience with specific gear. Please understand that these are my opinions, and are in no way fact.

The Contact tab has information on how to reach out to me with further questions.